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Global e-Commerce. Text and Cases

We are in the midst of a paradigmatic shift, witnessing the emergence of a new business ecosystem governed by rime-tested principles but shaped and influenced by a new set of rules. Understanding this emerging business ecosystem requires certain gestalt shifts - a new way of looking at things without forgetting past practices and their rote in the emerging environment. Global e-Commerce: Text and Cases builds theory, fundamentals and structure to show how business models are being transformed by the evolving business order. It combines the traditional business and economics concepts and the emerging principles and theories to draw a blueprint for the network economy. It also uses a set of case studies to show how companies can use the market space to expand their market reach, minimise costs, shorten production and ordering cycle rime, and ultimately enhance customer value and loyalty. Global e-Commerce uses a rich mix of 16 case studies of companies operating in different parts of the world to highlight specific contexts within which the new business order is taking shape. These analytical and decision-oriented cases are written based on specific teaching objectives and used to further reinforce the application of concepts in the book. The book also includes an up-to-date set of company vignettes to highlight a particular problem or challenge. Through confluence of theory and practice, Global e-Commerce provides students with an opportunity to first conceptualise, analyse and synthesise, and then practically apply relevant theories and concepts in a real-life context, rich business environment.



ISBN 9780130612298
AUTEUR Ali Farhoomand
FICHIER Global e-Commerce. Text and Cases.pdf
DATE 03/06/2020

Business Law: Text and Cases: Legal, Ethical, …


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