From Java to C#. A Developers guide.pdf

From Java to C#. A Developers guide

Learning a new programming language can be intimidating, especially if you need to gel up and running with it quickly. If you are a current Java developer who needs to learn C#, this book is essential. Java and C# share many common characteristics and by focusing on the key similarities and differences between the two languages. From Java to C#: A Developers Guide enables you to use your existing knowledge of object-oriented concepts to learn C# efficiently and quickly. Additionally, the features of C# that are totally absent in Java are given the detailed description they warrant. This practical guide will help you move easily from Java and J2EE to C# and NET concepts as quickly as possible. From Java to C#: A Developers Guide: allows Java developers to learn C# quickly by highlighting the differences and similarities between the two languages



ISBN 9780321136220
AUTEUR Heng-Ngee Mok
FICHIER From Java to C#. A Developers guide.pdf
DATE 08/05/2020

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