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Basic & Clinical Pharmacology

Acclaimed for its clarity, comprehensiveness, and organization, Basic & Clinical Pharmacology covers the essential concepts students need to know about the science of pharmacology and its application to clinical practice. Organized to reflect the course sequence in many pharmacology courses and in integrated curricula, The text focuses on the basic principles of each drug group as well as the clinical science and use of drugs in patients and the monitoring of their effects. This edition has been extensively updated to provide expanded coverage of transporters, pharmacogenomics, and new drugs. Provides exactly the information students must know, without overwhelming detail. Explanations are down to the molecular level ! Extensive use of full-color illustrations - A Generic Name/Trade Name table - Case studies accompany most chapters, with answers to questions posed in the case studies appearing at the end of the chapter appears at the end of most chapters for - Selection of subject matter and order of presentation are based on the authors many years of teaching experience with thousands of students easy reference when writing a chart order or prescription Includes descriptions of important new drugs - New and updated coverage of general concepts relating to newly discovered receptors, receptor mechanisms, and drug transporters



ISBN 9781259641152
AUTEUR Bertram G. Katzung
FICHIER Basic & Clinical Pharmacology.pdf
DATE 09/02/2020

Basic And Clinical Pharmacology Katzung Test Bank


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